Higher Education and Job Training

Every hardworking Rhode Islander must have access to the training and education they need to keep up and get ahead — with or without a college degree.

Gina is making record investments in education and job training so that every hardworking Rhode Islander can keep up and get ahead in today’s economy.

The top reason cited for not going to college is the the cost, so Gina led the effort to make Rhode Island one of just five states that offers tuition-free access to community college. Thanks to Gina, more than 1,500 additional Rhode Islanders enrolled at the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) this year — a 43 percent increase.

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College isn’t for everyone, but everyone deserves a good job. So Gina created new career and technical training programs in and beyond high school. Rhode Islanders at every stage of their career can get the skills, degrees, certifications and licensures they need for today’s in-demand jobs in healthcare, construction, computer science and more.

Rhode Islanders who complete training programs are matched with local employers in need of talent. Gina’s leadership is a win-win for Rhode Island employers and employees.